Sometimes the answer to stress is more stress.

Sometimes when I’m in a prolonged pinch that’s causing consternation because my solution just isn’t getting it done, or not fast enough anyway, I ratchet up the pressure, stress, and need to solve the problem even faster.  And it does the trick.

Crisis mode triggers different parts of the brain than maintenance mode.

A small example is finances.  Several times when the budget is stressfully tight, penny pinching and shuffling do nothing to ease the stress, but making a commitment to even larger expenditures pushes the brain to a different level of urgency and expectation that results in your world expanding to accommodate the need.

If you can’t solve it on time and under budget with current resources, try demanding more and faster.  It might bring an epiphany on how to get the resources needed, instead of just pondering how better to use what’s already there.