Six of my books are currently free for Kindle in the Amazon store, starting two days ago and ending December 5.  Turns out when price goes down, people consume more.  I guess economists know what they’re talking about.

As of today, all six of them are ranking in the top 2 in their category.

11 Lessons from Launching a Startup is #1 in its category
Why Haven’t You Read This Book is #1 in its category
Better Off Free is #1 in its category
The Future of School is #1 in its category
Don’t Do Stuff You Hate is #2 in its category
Forward Tilt is #2 in its category

Nobody knows exactly Amazon’s ranking formula, but I do know if a title stays #1 for a certain period of time, it gets one of those permanent “Best Seller” badges.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Go download any or all of the above and we’ll see if my ego can possibly somehow get bigger.