Just found this in a Dropbox folder from a few years ago. I gave myself a challenge to write a song every day for 30 days. Day one I tried to get things warmed up and shake the rust. I ended up referencing a bunch of intellectual influences in verse. Definitely needs some work, but it was a fun change of pace and I was able to hammer it out in only a few minutes.

The way I write, I must embrace,
And face. The fact. That I’m. A hack.
Ready rhyme and predictable pace
It’s in. My blood. I can’t. Go back.
So sappy ballads with screaming pipes,
Here I come to shout some tripe
To crash some trash with blasting words
Slap the bass like I’m the worst
Spit the verse
Break the curse
No writer’s block, it doesn’t exist
Resistance is a bitch through which to persist
So Robert Fritz the shits out of this
And Press the Field to find self two,
The self who, Koestler says I create through
Eureka’s leaking from the words I’m speaking
Tap the Source, be the Source, doesn’t really matter
Just bust the verse through the ‘verse mind over matter
Flatter, to control
Flatter is the death
Flatter is the vision
Of only height and breadth
No depth in that, gotta ascend from the flat
Land in two dimensions, now three, now four
How many more limited only by perception
Depth without direction, no arrow of time
But timeless rhyme can unwind on a dime
What’s wound up and found in
The cream of the mind
Over matter, minefield of the battle
Only suckers see victory
Remnants see infinity
Games, not sums
Fun, not zero
Self, not hero
Burn while Nero
Loses his mind, corrupted by power
Absolutely, Acton in action,
Acting astutely
Self-interest directed, with bad incentive
Not self-interested deflected,
Don’t neglect this, protect this
Wherever the self is
Freedom is found where spirit meets ground
Patterns emerge where freedom is spurred
Only belief can resist the thief
In the night he comes, but I’m ready
“Oh, it’s just you?” I’m steady
Six rings make the greatest, so I best get busy
I’m only getting started, day one, I’m not dizzy
No knockout punch for me, but resistance
On the run, on its ass,
Never said it would be fun, just said it would be done
So here it is, there it is, now I did it
Day one.