I used to treat music as a consumption good. (Unless I was making it, then it was an act of creation, maybe with a dash of consumption thrown in).

I chose music based on the mood I was in. I consumed as a reflection of my state of mind. I let my feelings dictate and the music followed.

In the last few years, I’ve started to reverse the relationship. More and more, I use music to create my mood, not just resonate with it. I choose a state of mind I want to be in, or identify one I want to snap out of, and go find the music that will do the trick.

Some music is so powerful that you cannot maintain a certain mindset while listening to it. TK Coleman claims it’s impossible to be unhappy or afraid with Christmas music playing. I’m not sure about that one, but I am sure certain music eliminates the possibility of certain mental or emotional states.

I still listen to music as a consumption good, but I listen as a capital good a lot more now. It’s an investment in my mindset, and when properly calibrated, works wonders.