Well yesterday I couldn’t resist writing a Steph Curry based post. Steph made me do it again today.

He entered last night’s game with a bashed up finger and an ultra thin bench. Everyone rose to the occasion. Except him. He went scoreless in the first half. This has never happened. Not in this era anyway.

Still, his team managed to keep them neck and neck. His third quarter was OK. He got off a few shots. But his team also got outplayed and fell behind. Steph had 10 points.

Then, in the final five minutes of the game, worn down, exhausted, embarrassed, doubted, hurt, and in foul trouble, Steph took over the game and single-handedly outscored the whole Rockets team. He finished with 33 points. Every single one in the second half. 23 in the fourth quarter. 16 in the final few minutes.

That thing I wrote about moments? Yeah, it was that. It was historically that.

This morning, I watched three videos and read eight articles recapping the game. I watched every post game press conference from every player. I watched highlights. Several times.

When you witness greatness, you take it in. Like Kobe Bryant’s final career game, this was 100% heart and will. The body was unwilling, but the mind was stronger. It wasn’t just basketball, it was a celebration of the human spirit.

The Warriors didn’t hide the fact that this win, without two all-star starters, was sweeter than most. Every one of them said the same thing: it was so good because it was so hard.

Curry’s dad texted him to the same effect after a brutal, nail-biting game 5 where Steph again pulled himself out of a slump at the last minute to clinch it. Dell Curry said, “You wouldn’t enjoy it if it wasn’t so hard.”

Damn. If that doesn’t inspire you. This is so, so hard. Trying to be great is brutal. You don’t get the calls, you don’t get the breaks, you get all the flak and criticism, you get everyone’s best game and worst wishes. You must earn every single inch. And it is not easy.

And that is precisely where the love comes in. The hard moments mean greatness is at your doorstep.