Alright I’m gonna have to do today’s post from my phone again. I’m sitting in SLC waiting to board a flight home to CHS.

I was supposed to be here two more days then to San Francisco for 11 days to finish up the 500 Startups program I’ve been in all summer with the Crash team. It culminates in Demo Day, and I love pitching!

But it looks unlikely I’ll be able to.

The past three weeks have been hellish physically. I noticed a small painful spot on my thyroid and some swelling. Then I got a nasty virus in my respiratory system and my lymph nodes ballooned up like crazy. I’ve been waking up every night at around 3 and not falling back asleep. Sweating, chills, and my mind racing. Startups can be stressful but this anxiety was like something else.

The virus subsided but my throat kept swelling to the point where it hurts to swallow. I decided I’d get a thyroid checkup after SF.

I flew the family back to SC Monday. Turned around Thursday for SLC then SF. On the flight I almost passed out and my heart was going crazy.

I landed, ate, and slept a few hours. It was worse when I woke up so I went to the ER. It was a good thing.

My thyroid is producing way too much thyroxin. Hence the shaking, sweating, anxiety, lack of sleep, and heart pounding.

They got my heart rate down with beta blockers and told me get to an endocrinologist ASAP to figure out what the lumps are causing it. Toxic nodules most likely. Likely very treatable but pretty rough until treated. They said I should get home and get it fixed and not risk two more weeks in SF.

I was discharged and went to bed. Slept badly but beta blockers kept my heart rate to a reasonable level.

I decided to give the talk I came here to give. I got oatmeal, filled my prescription, and felt like shit. But when I entered the room for the talk, it lifted my spirits. I gave the talk and enjoyed it and forgot about my health for an hour. It was awesome. It boosted my morale.

I was frustrated about the last several weeks being so disrupted. I did 25 meetings but all I could think about was sleeping. I’m frustrated about not finishing up the 500 Startups program. I’m frustrated about so much distraction and unknowns and cost and all of it. And I’m tired of feeling crappy.

But giving a talk about creating a career that makes you come alive made me come alive. Great questions and chat afterwards from a great audience helped a ton.

So thanks to everyone who helped get me thinking about something else!

Time to board. Hopefully before long I’ll be back in a normal routine.