I love seeing what creative stuff job-seekers come up with on their job hunt. We built Crash to reframe the whole concept of discovering great roles, building a skill profile to signal your ability, and pitching yourself to companies through both the “Shotgun” and “Sniper” approach to your job hunt campaign.

The Shotgun is a loud, public campaign to let the world know you’re on the job hunt, rally your network for upvotes, shares, comments, and job recs on your profile, and broadcast your signal. It’s how you find out about roles you never knew existed and get in front of more hiring managers.

The Sniper is a targeted approach where you find your favorite 10 companies, research them, and make them a tailored pitch. Nothing stands out like coming to me with something that shows you know and love my company/role, and you took the time to pitch me specifically, not “Dear Sir or Madam at [Insert Company Name]. 10 of these beats 100 applications in ROI hands down.

You’ve got to read this breakdown of how one Crasher is running her job hunt campaign. It is awesome. It’s clear she’s getting results, and it’s also clear the process itself is both fun and a valuable learning experience building her skills and network!

Read it. Share it with a job-seeking friend or relative. There are opportunities all around if you’re hungry enough to win them!

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