It’s not a numbers game.

It’s an attention game.

The popular approach to job hunting is to make a resume and blast it 100s of times to 100s of companies and hope maybe you’ll get an interview. Seems to make sense. More shots on goal means better odds of success.

But when you put yourself in the shoes of each individual hiring manager, you spot the problem. They don’t know anything about all your other resumes. They only see the one in front of them. And it’s in a pile with, on average, 250 others. How are they supposed to tell who is worth an interview? Better bullets and formatting?

What if instead you showed them something impossible to ignore?

What if you picked 5 of your favorite companies, spent a few days researching each, tracked down the name and emails of the right people, created a small project for them, and sent a tailored pitch showing what you can do and requesting an interview? And what if you shared those 5 pitches on social as well, just in case some other company you hadn’t thought of sees it and is also impressed?

You don’t have to guess what would happen, because I can tell you! Those five pitches will get you more results than 100 resume applications.

Ask Joey.

He built a profile, then picked a handful of companies and created pitches for them. He sent the pitches to them and shared them on social and asked for any help or recommendations.

He won interviews with the companies he pitched and others who heard about it. And he got hired.

A lot of people think the job hunt is up to luck or fate. It’s not. You can win it if you get creative and show more than a passing interest with a generic resume. You can blow them away and nab the job of your dreams.