Big Transformations from Small Actions

I think daily blogging has spoiled me.

It created such a massive acceleration in my life just a month or two after I began, and has never not noticeably made things better.

So when I try other stuff, especially health related, I’m always a bit disappointed. No alcohol, sugar, or caffeine for a month. No gluten. Full paleo. I’ve tried several of these and never noticed any difference except an increase in spending and inconvenience. I’m always hoping for something as impactful as daily blogging, or at least half as impactful as people who rave about these on Twitter.

Exercise is a bit better. I do get some results, but they aren’t very big. I feel a little better and look a little better if I’m on a daily routine, but it hits a ceiling pretty quickly. Not sure if I’d need hours in the gym or some other highly inconvenient, costly routine to break through. It’s never been that much of a priority.

I’m always looking for something as dramatic as daily blogging in terms of the insane ROI. Tiny daily commitment. Huge and constant life improvement.