I hate doing health related research.

Any medical stuff that’s at all conventional is delivered as if the seeker is an idiot child. Surface level, full of prompts to go see a doctor. As if any old doctor will be knowledgeable on some super specific condition. It absurd. It’s all a bunch of bland summaries created for the blubbering masses the medical industry thinks we are. Compartmentalized, cartelized, and hidden behind walls and calls to go see the experts.

Anything outside the walls of convention is on some low-fi website or forum and ends up fixating on one hidden truth or supplement. They find something valuable the conventional approach downplays, and become obsessed with it to the point of conspiracy theory, or application of a single idea as a magic cure all.

I want better information. And I want a House-like helper! A true medical detective who is passionately curious about finding the root cause and solution to health issues unique to each patient. I don’t give a damn if they have some kind of medical license, I just want someone who’s good at it, passionate about the process, an ally, and has some experience.

I cannot think of a single government intervention in the medical industry that makes it better, and I can scarcely find a problem with it that’s not caused at least in part by government. Even patient acceptance of the paternalism of doctors is bred from years of government school factories.

If I could pick one industry to completely free from the tentacles of government power brokers and the rent seekers who feed them, it’d be medicine. We’re sicker, poorer, less-served, and more ignorant because of the meddling.