There’s so much noise on social media that people who don’t matter in a particular niche can create the appearance to those outside that niche that they do.

This results in a lot of criticisms of niches that miss the mark. The critics take the loud social media personalities at face value and rip on the niche they represent. Except that to those who know the niche, those personalities don’t represent the niche at all.

The ease of building a smallish brand around a certain milieu means faux leaders have an easier time convincing outsiders that they are leaders. This drives the knowledge of how things really work deeper to the inside. As more that doesn’t matter becomes loud and public, more things that do become secrets.

This is an interesting paradox. When you see something you know deeply as an insider being covered by outsiders, you get it. But that means all the other areas where you’re an outsider are probably not represented accurately either.

Truth seeking requires more tuning out than tuning in.