There’s a lot of great content out there on every topic. One thing that prevents a lot of it from spreading or causes it to get hijacked by weirdos is that it often ends with an altar call.

If you grew up around evangelical churches, you know what that is. It’s the part after the message when the pastor invites everyone to convert to Christianity.

Calls to action can be great, but they tend to be best when you’re preaching to the choir. People who aren’t new to the ideas and want action anyway. It’s insider stuff.

Altar calls at the end of first time intro stuff usually sucks the life out of it and turns people away. An article about how the body processes fatty acids is great right up until the point when it demands you convert to some specific dietary cult.

So much great info comes from people who just can’t resist asking you to join their movement. I’m sure I’ve done it too. I wonder if more and better ideas would get exchanged with fewer altar calls?

There is no action item with this post.