I’ve been posting to this blog since 2008, and have over 1,600 articles here. That leads to some funny stuff.

Every so often, an old post goes viral totally unexpected. Usually it gets found and shared on social somehow. Other times, random posts get a daily, weekly, or monthly spike due to showing up in search results.

I’m a bad blogger in that I never run SEO checks or do the stuff you’re supposed to do to rank high in search. But some posts apparently show up for some searches.

And it’s always sort of random and strange. The last two weeks, these are the search terms that have landed people here:

how was adam smith wrong,  differentiate justice and moral rights,  dream of human sacrifice,  3 forms of racism,  are collectivism liberals or conservatives

If you’ve read much stuff on this blog, you’ll agree those are pretty off-beat searches to bring someone here. Still, it’s kind of fun to see what stuff these posts rank for and where traffic goes. I sometimes go see what articles the searches led people to, and discover posts I completely forgot about.