Where I’m Creating Lately

I’m a pretty type-A, anal retentive kind of guy. I setup and maintained this site for years as the definitive, one-stop for all the stuff I created. Every new podcast and podcast episode got a post. All the books I wrote were added. Videos, articles for third party sites, etc.

It got more complicated when I started blogging for Praxis and going on way too many podcasts to track down and repost here, but I tried. Having stuff all over the place splintered my brain. But I had to let that go.

These days, there isn’t a one-stop. I’m a little bit all over the place with content I create or participate in. I’ve forced myself to relax and get more comfy with that. So for the curious, here’s a list of most of the stuff I’m up to lately in various places.

  • The Crash blog – This is my main squeeze. I write here nearly every weekday on job-hunt related stuff because it’s in my DNA to create content and Crash is the incorporated embodiment of my life philosophy of “be your own credential”.
  • The Isaac Morehouse Podcast – I’ve semi-revived the podcast after a period of dormancy. I say semi because, counter to my type-A nature, I don’t have a regular schedule. I just record whatever I want whenever it seems interesting. And I don’t have anyone editing for me, so episodes have no intro or outro anymore, are totally one-shot unedited, and nothing like sponsors or detailed show notes. The podcast is available on SoundCloud and every podcast platform.
  • YouTube – I’ve always preferred podcasts to video, but a few years ago I started occasionally posting conversations about bitcoin with some friends to YouTube. They did pretty well, and though I ended up moving most of those to a different platform (see next), I will occasionally post video versions of podcast episodes to the YouTube channel. It’s super inconsistent when I do, so what you see on YouTube is a lot less than what’s on the podcast, and does not include the vast majority of the bitcoin discussions either.
  • Streamanity – I post videos about bitcoin and occasionally other stuff here. I LOVE Streamanity as a creator. It’s so cool to be able to use instant micropayments with revenue splits, etc. It’s the future. The problem at present is that users have to have a wallet with BSV to watch, so I’ve used this mostly as a place for more niche content of interest primarily to bitcoin nerds. Some of the videos here make it into the podcast, and a very few make it to YouTube. There’s a little logic to it in terms of which audiences seem to fit the content, but sometimes it’s just random.

I still go on other people’s podcasts pretty frequently – at least 3-4 times a month, and often more like half a dozen – usually about career related stuff and those are just out there in the ether.

It’s been a challenging but also freeing change of pace for me to kind of force myself to be less systematic and just create stuff with less rigid structure, and put it out wherever it feels best and easiest at the time. I do have occasional OCD moments when my eye twitches because all this stuff is in so many haphazard places, and any of them could get cancelled or memory-holed at any time. But there’s no real reason to be so uptight. I create because it makes me a better version of me. Maintaining a perfect archive really doesn’t contribute to that all that much, so I’m trying to let it go.