So the new limited edition book, The Inner Game of Startups, has been proofed.

Got three proofs from the custom printer we’re using, and they really look and feel awesome. Clean, crisp, weighty, and fresh.

Only 100 will ever be made. But first I’ve gotta sell 100 of them! Can’t do the print run until we do.

To date, 54 have been purchased on Canonic, the publishing platform that allowed me to put the entire digital version of the book on the bitcoin blockchain and sell 100 tokens which entitle the owner to access digital versions and redeem a physical version. 46 left!

Grab one here. (If buying with BitcoinSV is too hard, just email me and I can do it via PayPal.)

This has been a fun experience trying to publish in this way as a unique collectible with both digital and physical editions tied to the blockchain. You can be a part of history, as this is only the second book in the world to ever be published this way!

Some pics of the proofs below. (A few small formatting errors and an error in the number of editions, since I changed it from 250 to 100).





I’ve had a lot of good feedback already from readers who dove into the digital version of the book. It’s always a little weird to put your writing out there, especially when it’s kinda personal, so knowing people find it valuable is a big boost!


PS – Yeah, $50 is a lot. But this is a first class doorstop!

PPS – Don’t worry, if you bought one and I don’t sell all 100 by the end of July, I’ll just buy the rest myself. So you’ll get your copy no matter what!