The Horrible Experience of Logins

I just had to submit an invoice. To obtain the info I needed to complete it, I had to open four different tabs, sign in to two different accounts, which each required me signing in to a password manager, then an authenticator app, then I had to download then upload an image to put into a doc that had to be downloaded then uploaded. When I clicked submit, I had to click on all pictures that showed a bus (does the tiniest sliver of the hood count as “show a bus”?).

The invoice was for a few hundred dollars.

Stuff like this makes me want to quit.

Death by a thousand badly designed cuts. The level of hoop jumping in the digital world is getting so bad. It chips away at all the things that make digital cool. The number of clicks needed to do anything has gotten so damn high.

It’s usually ostensibly for security. But the odds I make a mistake that makes me more insecure get higher with every additional action required. More complicated doesn’t always mean more secure.

Thank you for joining today’s rant.