Career Hackers

I’ve been hacking my way through my own career for 20+ years. I’ve been helping people hack their way through theirs for 13+ years.

Dozens of amazing teammates, two nonprofits, three companies, ten books, half a dozen podcasts, hundreds of talks and interviews, and over 1,500 articles in, it seemed a good time to try to come up with a meta-resource to house all the best stuff we’ve come across.

Career Hackers seemed like a great name.

This is a living, breathing site, so any articles, books, podcasts, programs, or anything else you know of that you think should be included, let us know via this handy form.

I decided to try to condense a few decades of stuff into the tightest TLDR possible to kick off and put some framing on the site.

Here is the Career Hackers Manifesto.

core values to forge your path
Let’s go!
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