On Writing Well

I often do writing and editing with other people. And I’m not very picky about style, approach, or tone.

I’m very opinionated and I’ll definitely root out needless words or what seems to be flabby writing.

But in terms of the content, if someone thinks it should open a different way or go in a different direction, I’m usually pretty amenable and relaxed (unless it’s a truly terrible idea).

I was asking myself why today. Why am I not more stingy about exactly how a piece of writing should be done?

It’s because I don’t know the best way to write. Nobody does.

There are a lot of ways to be a good writer. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

If you’re looking for the formula, you won’t find it. The way to get good is to do a ton of writing consistently, and double down on the stuff that starts to feel really good and genuine for you.

The way to do bad writing is to copy mediocre writers or spend too much time trying to find formulas.

Just because there are lots of ways to be a good writer doesn’t mean good writing is common or easy. But it’s uncommon and difficult in the exact same way being in good shape is uncommon and difficult.

It’s the steady, consistent act of doing the work. It’s not some secret sauce or unreachable genius.

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