Hunt Bigger Prey

If I’ve got a lot of tasks on my plate in a work day, I can feel stressed.

The best way to make those tasks seem like no big deal is to go bigger.

When I move my focus from lower level tasks to higher level strategic decisions, suddenly the lower level stuff gets easy. I can just breeze through it with little trouble.

It’s like there’s a minimum level of stress and it will always be filled. It gets filled by whatever the biggest task is on my plate.

So if I have a small task, it will feel the full stress. If I have a big task, it will absorb that stress, freeing all smaller tasks beneath it.

Every time I experience this, I wonder how I forgot. The solution to activities that are stressing me out is to find bigger, higher level activities and decisions to focus on.

It’s amazing how much time and energy you can take to hammer out, say, an article when it’s the biggest thing on your plate.

It’s also amazing how quickly and easily you can hammer out the same article when you suddenly have something much bigger on your plate.

Hunt bigger prey.

Your stress level will probably be the same either way, so why not?

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