You Don’t Have to Make Up a Story Because it’s Already There

There’s a story behind everything. Finding it can be a trick.

Pick up a loaf of bread, a stick, or a T-shirt. They aren’t just objects. They are part of a narrative.

They have an origin, a destination, and something in the middle. There’s a ‘why’ to them.

Your life, also being a narrative, is a complex web intertwined with the narrative of everything you encounter. But teasing it out, making it explicit, and putting words around it can be tough.

Once you learn to do it, you can’t undo it. You see narrative the way Neo saw the virtual reality in the lines of code.

That’s when the real fun begins. Every person, every company, every event, every action, every product has a narrative and is part of other narratives.

Those who can see and surface these narratives influence where the narratives go.

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