Thou Shall Not Covet

Nobody talks about covetousness these days. I suspect it’s the source of a lot of depression and frustration.

What gets labelled FOMO is often covetousness. Scrolling a feed of people telling you how your work should be, your food should be, your money should be, your spouse should be – this can be interesting or helpful, but it can grow into covetousness.

Covetousness isn’t primarily damaging because it causes negative feelings towards those who have what you don’t. It’s damaging primarily because it causes negative feelings towards what you do have.

If only my (X) could be more like theirs.

This can be a starting point for positive change. But it more easily morphs into covetousness that leads to despair.

Don’t pay attention to what others have or claim to have. Unless it makes you genuinely happy for them (a superpower worth cultivating), it is likely to make you less happy with what you have.