Be Weirder in Business

“Bring it down to earth” they say. “Land the plane” they say.

Then you write on economic theory from the 1800’s and C-suite from massive companies DM you to tell you they loved it.

There is no shortage of nuts and bolts how-tos and tactics. These are great and often needed.

But people will tell you all the time how much they love and long for more practical application. Just like they’ll tell you they want access to post-event recordings. In both cases, they’re lying.

Practical application can be more fantastical than theories or first principles, because it’s post hoc systemization of things that worked for often unknown reasons.

First principles and abstract theories don’t pretend to perfectly solve your situation. As such, they are flexible, adaptable, and you are in control of how and when to use them.

And they’re refreshing in business! They’re different. They’re interesting.

Don’t be afraid to share ideas on the level most interesting to you. Don’t get lulled into the belief that you’ve got to bend everything into a bullet-list.

Feel free to get weird with your writing!