The Nearbound Summit 2023

The Nearbound Summit is a four day virtual event. Monday through Thursday, November 6-9.

It’s 100% free. Check out the agenda and register to join some of the sessions (or watch them streaming on demand).

But what is it?

This is the culmination of the last year and a half of efforts to redefine what it means to attract and retain customers in the ‘Who’ economy.

We are in the infocalypse.

The digital age meant information was cheap or free, which is great for speed, reach, and scale. But now we’re overwhelmed. Ads, SEO-gaming, 4.7 star review syndrome, cold emails and calls.

Nobody wants more aggregate data or information. If data was the new oil, now trust is the new data.

When you’re trying to solve a problem you can no longer ask the internet “How” to do it. You’ll get too much stuff and you can’t sort the signal from the noise.

Instead, people are reverting to nodes of trust – people – and asking “Who can help me solve this?” and “Who has been there before?”

As a business, the best way to reach buyers in this new world is through the people they already trust. You have to find them and partner with them to surround buyers with value and solutions at the right time, from the right voices.

This is called ‘Nearbound’.

It means tapping into the people that surround buyers. People they trust.

We’re diving deep all week to explore how it affects Startups, Success teams, Product teams, Marketing teams, and Sales teams.

Even if you’re just a tiny bit curious, I hope you’ll find at least one session worth attending and join – in the very least, my intro to Nearbound Marketing on day 3, or Harry Mack’s live freestyle performance!

Register here.

See you at the Summit!