The Danger of Truth Seeking

Can you go wrong seeking the truth?

Perhaps not Truth with a capital ‘T’, but seeking general truths has some traps.

Do you know the truth about what your neighbors are saying about you? What they are doing right now?

Probably not. And seeking to find out might drive you crazy or turn you into a weirdo.

Naïveté is not a virtue, but it’s not as bad as its reputation either. Yes, you want to be shrewd, not taken advantage of, and prepared for what might really be going on in the world. But if you start to dig and understand the secrets behind the secrets, there is a point at which you become less useful, less productive, more paranoid, and less happy.

If you ask yourself, “If I found the answer to this, what would I do differently than I am now?” and the answer is nothing, it’s probably not worth too much more effort.