Work-life balance is an overrated concept.

Even if you think only in terms of your work, you’ll find need for ample time outside, with others, excercising, unplugged, creating, and consuming new ideas.  Focusing on good work alone will lead you to this. Good work demands it. You don’t need to separately worry about your personal self as distinct from your productive self.

You can if you want. It’s not necessarily bad, it’s just overrated. 

Getting “right” personally as a precondition to professional growth is overrated too. Personal problems and stresses are discovered and improved better and more often through productive work than through avoiding it to get personal.

Finding your passion is more likely if you’re busy creating value

Finding yourself is easier if you have a context within which to apply yourself and get feedback from the world

Self-reflection is improved by real world experience, not a prerequisite for it.

Get busy building something. Your personal problems will begin to assume proper proportion.  You’ll know yourself better and improve yourself more if you’re productive.