I love podcasting.  Probably too much.

I’ve got a bi-weekly long format interview podcast on tons of topics, am wrapping up a yearlong once a week 5-10 minute take podcast on career tips, and TK and I are in the middle of season one of the career/life Q&A format “Office Hours” show.

A few new items from this week…

Office Hours

Cohost TK Coleman and I chat about quitting a job and how to get better at sales.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Saying it’s easy raises expectations
  • The challenge of completing something you have the skill to do
  • Measuring value from difficulty
  • Your boss/manager always wants you to succeed
  • Modeling other peoples success
  • Feeling dissatisfied with your current work, vs. feeling excited about new opportunities
  • The value of seemingly
  • If you want to get paid to do something, you’ve got to do things like your getting paid, before your getting paid to do them.

Forward Tilt

A quick thought on the irony that babies don’t take “baby steps”, but big, risky leaps…maybe we should too?

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In this episode:

  • Babies take risks, not guarded steps
  • When you start anything, don’t ease your way in
  • The power of taking big swings
  • We learn by taking “real” baby steps

For a free copy of Forward Tilt: An Almanac for Personal Growth go to www.discoverpraxis.com/forwardtilt

Isaac Morehouse Podcast

In this episode, I interview my 12 year old unschooled son about a random assortment of stuff.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Why did NL decide to celebrate Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead)
  • Celebrations from other cultures
  • Why has Marvel been so successful with bringing comic book heroes to movies, when DC hasn’t
  • Pop culture trends
  • Professionals trying to be unprofessional
  • NL’s book
  • Dire perfume names
  • Starting to use Facebook
  • Unschooling & Creating your own structure
  • Starting a sandwich business
  • The biggest differences for in life as a 12-year-old today vs. twenty years ago