I’m trying a new thing.

Every Sunday, I’m going to post a book recommendation on the platform Yours.org.

I love exploring new platforms, and the cool thing about Yours is you have to pay to post an article (10 cents in Bitcoin Cash), you have to pay to vote (similar to a “like” on Facebook), and the author can set up a paywall for the content and comments.

Book recommendations are funny things.  The more generously you make them, the less valuable they are to people.

An unsolicited list of good books is likely to get ignored.  A single book maybe a little less so (less cognitive overload).  A recommendation with some context and a review might do a little better.

Actually buying the book for someone might help, but it often backfires…”free” is easy to perceive as “not that valuable”.

What if you had already paid a few cents to get the recommendation?  You’d feel invested.  You’d feel like, since you paid for the rec, it only makes sense to buy the book now, right?  It was worth learning about, so it’s a small step to assume it’s worth reading.

Anyway, we’ll see!

Check out today’s recommendation on Yours.

If nothing else, it’s a good excuse for me to get more people comfortable using cryptocurrency!