(The team won’t let me get away with “Crashboard” on a consistent basis. The dad joke and pun quotient is too high as-is).

Just wanted to share the current dashboard that job-hunters see on Crash. We’re just getting started! Lots of cool stuff to roll out to manage your career launch and win an awesome next job.


You can see that in addition to the profile itself, seekers can create, edit, and manage unlimited tailored pitches to specific companies, people, and roles. These are the real secret sauce of the job hunt.

Profiles can be used and shared individually anytime, but if you want to publicly launch on the Crash platform, you get a professional profile review, feedback, and a go/no-go for launch. (You can see my profile has been found wanting).

We’ve also got a launcher Slack group and a launch playbook to guide you to maximizing the job hunt campaign.

So much more to come!