Since 2012, I have published over 1,600 articles, most of them on this blog. I’ve done daily blogging streaks of over a year, and several of six months. Every time I break it’s been a deliberate choice to try something different in my daily routine.

But I keep coming back.

There’s nothing like it for me.

Yet here I am toying with pausing it again for a while. The main reason is because I’ve started up a weekly newsletter called The Inner Game of Startups every Friday. This newsletter is more robust than most of my blog posts, and I’ve found myself jotting notes and partially writing the next issue during the week. I think about the content there, not my blog posts, and my daily posts are more of a chore to check off than something to put a lot of thought into.

Rather than fight it, I think I’ll try running with it. I rarely write long-form content, so if I’ve got a groove making it conducive, why not ride?

I won’t decide for sure today. Maybe tomorrow. It’s so hard to let go of daily blogging, but if I feel like it’s a fun healthy stretch, I’ll do it.