I often post feature requests to the Crash Slack channel and say, “add it to the list”.

This means I like an idea, and I need that idea documented somewhere so I don’t accumulate cognitive overhead with it floating around, but I don’t know and can’t afford to figure out the relative importance of acting on the idea.

I do this in my personal life as well. Lists are my stress reliever. Once listed, outlined, calendared, or added to a to-do, the idea stops hyping me or splintering my brain and becomes resorbed into my system. My system is relaxing because it is trustless and thoughtless. It does all the work so my brain is free.

My inbox status is always zero I never miss my calendar and I obey my reminders. Therefore anything in those systems finds its appropriate place.

But the “add to the list” ideas are those without clear actions. I just keep them listed and jostle and move them up and down and let my brain see them there every so often as they seep into my subconscious. Eventually, maybe after days or weeks or occasionally months, I either act on them or delete them. If deleted, I trust they seeped in enough that any remaining value has already penetrated my brain and will express itself elsewhere.

I never leave the ball in my own court or leave important stuff in my own brain, unless it’s the stuff I can’t yet articulate or list (which, come to think of it, might be the most important stuff).

That’s how I survive and get a lot done without ever really feeling busy.