I love writing copy for websites and landing pages and marketing materials.

My favorite is starting with a design that’s done and rewriting the copy. There’s something about having a placeholder framework to work from that helps my brain connect the content to the goal.

Writing copy is one of the only activities in a professional context where I truly enter a flow state and feel completely in love with what I do. It doesn’t last long though. I tend to write fast and be done. I wish it could take longer, but I’ve learned the initial take is almost always better than followups.

One way to scratch my copy itch is to help other people and other companies improve theirs. I have no scientific method and never try to sell this as a service, but I get excited when people ask for help. I can’t prove I’m good at it. I’ve never run A/B tests on my copy vs other copy. But I know with my knower that when I really focus on it, I can put good words together.

I’d write all day if it were leveraged enough. But it almost never is. So I do a once daily blog post for fun, a few Tweets, and when needed, weigh in on the copy for the company.