Sometimes I don’t feel like writing.

I go through phases where what’s on my mind is too deep and unresolved for daily dispersion, and writing a post seems like a dumb, surface level thing.

I have tested breaks from daily blogging, and there are benefits to being more inward for periods of time. But the bigger reward have come when I take those times with not a lot of ready for consumption ideas and use them to redefine my relationship with writing. Can I explore something without resolving it? That’s the biggest question.

When an idea or even an unformed sensation gets in me, writing gets it out. It’s cathartic. But if I get it out too early, I’ll only scratch the surface and let off the steam needed to drive me to deeper stuff below. So daily blogging can feel like a penny-wise pound foolish activity. If I give me two cents on everything, I’ll never find the gold. Boy, these metaphors are clunky.

I’m in a phase where there’s some transformation going on inside me. I’m in a new phase in life, a new act. And it has new patterns I’m not accustomed to. I’ve got to figure out which parts to write about in my daily discipline, and which parts to give time to better form.

So today, writing about how to figure out how to write about it was the best I could do.