The Future of B2B Go-To-Market

How will you pick and purchase the next software tool for you and your team?

It won’t be from a cold email trying to get you to schedule a demo.

It won’t be from an ad on Twitter.

It will probably be from one of these:

  • Word of mouth from someone you trust
  • An agency or contractor you work with tells you you need it and sets it up for you
  • A software you already use advertises it as a helpful integration to make their tool even better (e.g. “Get better data on your WordPress site with Mix Panel”)
  • You go to a marketplace of some kind to find and compare solutions – either an integrations directory from an existing tool, or an independent site like G2

None of the above are “direct” sales or marketing plays for the company who makes the software. They are all different kinds of partnership plays.

Products that live in the ecosystems and communities you live in will find their way to you through nodes of trust. Tools that have a great network of agencies who service or resell them, a great network of developers who build on top of them, a great network of products they integrate with, and a great network of companies they go to market together with are the tools that will win.

This is the era of partner ecosystems.

This is what we talk about all day and all night at PartnerHacker.

How this shift affects startups is just beginning to dawn on people.

But it will be HUGE.

Come find out exactly how and why from the best minds across all departments in SaaS startups.

Come step into the Partner Led Future.

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