The Only Real Social Taboo in America

People complain about cancel culture. But really, you can hold just about any opinion, say just about anything and get away with it.

Sure, you may get shadow-banned, or lose an account on social media. But you’ll still have supporters rally around you. And in your offline life, you’ll always have friends and those totally fine with whatever crazy, insane, offensive thing you believe or express.

It’s a very tolerant culture, no matter how much people want to make it appear otherwise on the surface.

You can be forgiven or at least tolerated for actions and ideas beyond the pale.

Except for one.

There is one single belief that will evoke disgust and ostracism from every single group on every single side of the political spectrum. No religion tolerates it. No ideology accepts it. No social circle will stomach it.

If you question the institution of dog ownership, you will be rejected by all.

More than a murderer, a racist, a child-hater, a baby-seal clubber, a terrorist, a religious extremist, a Satanist, or a corrupt thieving politician.

Any of those can win sympathy by posting dog photos.

The person who questions the posting of dog photos will be summarily exiled from society.

You have been warned.

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