Running from Truth

Once you’ve bumped up against truth, your options get fewer.

You can let its light disband your darkness – a painful and scary thing, but ultimately the best possible thing. Or you can run from it.

The problem with running is that the light of truth is bright and expansive. It’s like trying to run from the light of the sun. Eventually you realize you can’t keep going from shadow to shadow, because shadows are not permanent.

You have to hide. And still the light tries to penetrate. You have to burrow down into deeper and deeper, smaller and smaller caverns, where fewer and fewer guests can fit or want to go.

You have to give up your world to retain your darkness.

Often, the darkness you’re trying so hard to protect is a small thing. A little fear. A little lie you’re telling yourself. A little path of least resistance habit or mindset.

Are you really willing to deny yourself the light of day, the surface of the earth, and the company of others just to keep that small darkness from being destroyed?

If not, better to get the whole procedure over with as quickly as possible. It only gets harder the longer you evade the light.