Doing the Wrong Thing

The best course of action is always to do the right thing.

But it seems there are times where not doing what is right might be right. Lying to protect innocents from the Gestapo. Even killing in defense of self or family.

I don’t pretend to know where the lines are or what situations call for lying or killing. I’m not sure it much matters to get granular and figure it out.

It’s enough for us to know, ‘do not lie’, and ‘do not kill’. And enough to know that, should you find yourself in a situation where you feel violating these is best, you must be fully prepared to bear all consequences. On the material plane, you must be willing to be found guilty and condemned by your fellow man or earthly governments. On the spiritual plane, you must be willing to present your actions to God and accept whatever judgement may come.

If the thought of such accountability causes defensiveness to rise in you, it’s probably a sign that you ought not to do the thing. Justifying your actions is a sign you are probably not at peace with them in your own conscience. If you are completely willing to accept whatever happens without even the need to defend yourself, perhaps it’s a different matter.

I’ve often wondered whether, if faced with death at the hands of tyrants, I would fight or choose martyrdom. I don’t know. But I know that whatever I chose, I would have to be fully at peace with it, rendering myself up to God for judgement.