Finding Dragons to Slay

Sometimes I’ll start to get grumpy, and wonder where it came from. I get short with my family and generally irritable.

Eventually, I get out of the house (ideally out of the city or even state) to go do something, and realize I just needed a little adventure.

Working from home is great. But if I never go out into the world to fight giants and hunt and find treasure, it wears on me.

The challenge is to find a challenge. Ideally something real, not just manufactured for romance (e.g. a mud race). The real stuff is less glamorous, but if there’s at least some sense of necessity about it, it better scratches the itch.

This week’s dragon is navigating ParĂ­s for work meetings. I don’t care for the city or the tedium of the travel, but that’s all the more reason to be thankful. It’s something I can conquer and come home victorious, with the spoils of war, and find my home once again invigorating and not dulling.

Get out there and slay some beasts and get some scars.