I Want Details but I Don’t Want to Teach Them

I’ve got a problem when it comes to details.

When I work with teams, details get missed and I get upset. But as I diagnose how it happened, it’s almost always because I was too laissez faire in my management and communication style ahead of time.

I inculcate a bit of a loose ship mentality, but individually I run a very tight ship for myself.

I’m like this at home too. My desk, my office, and things I have total and direct control over are ship shape. But things shared with my kids tend to get messy and make me grumpy.

I am not good at teaching or showing others how to dial in the details. I do it myself, or delegate it, but don’t know how to handle the transitory in-between.

When details get flubbed up by others, it leaves me mad at myself every time. But I still don’t seem to get much better at preventing it.