Understanding the Fire

You know when you have the fire in the belly. You don't always know when you don't. When there's a flame burning, it's easy to pour yourself into things with abandon. As you get better and better at whatever you do, nerves diminish and it becomes more relaxed. At some point, you begin to wonder if…

Humor Haiku

Tyranny Can't Laugh It's helpless against humor Satire brings freedom

Bitcoin Chats

Another convo with friends. https://youtu.be/qwrD-065NnM

Inner Game of Startups Issue #38: Is That PMF I Smell?

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Weird Search Results

I've been posting to this blog since 2008, and have over 1,600 articles here. That leads to some funny stuff. Every so often, an old post goes viral totally unexpected. Usually it gets found and shared on social somehow. Other times, random posts get a daily, weekly, or monthly spike due to showing…

Free Minds Avoid Movements

Open inquiry and free, fearless thinking can lead to many different questions. Some of these questions put you in the company of people forming movements. It can be useful to find sources of information and conversation among movements. But if you fully join, your thinking gets less free. The open…

A Comprehensive Guide to Good Job Interviews

The team at Crash helped me put together this guide to an effective job interview. How to prepare Example questions Video interview tips Followup best practices And a bunch more. We wanted a one-stop shop to help you get your head in the game and put your best foot forward in every interview!…

Sushi and Health Care

All sushi is not created equal. If I brought you a tray of gas station sushi, you'd have a different experience than if we went to the best sushi chef in town. So different that it's a stretch to even consider them the same food. One will probably make you sick, and the other is good for you. The…

Mom Haiku

You never pushed me To seek status, except for Sam's Club membership

Stay Radical

It's easy to get a little tired and stop wanting more out of the status quo. It's important to accurately see why the status quo exists - what value it creates for which parties to allow it to persist - but that doesn't require defending it or assuming it's the best that can be. There are always…