Stay Radical

It's easy to get a little tired and stop wanting more out of the status quo. It's important to accurately see why the status quo exists - what value it creates for which parties to allow it to persist - but that doesn't require defending it or assuming it's the best that can be. There are always…

Inner Game of Startups #37: Guerrilla Warfare

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Another Bitcoin Convo

Been doing some convos every few weeks with friends about Bitcoin. Since we chat anyway, I hit record and share them. Here's one from yesterday evening.

The Writing Groove

I've been in a writing groove since late last night. I stayed up until almost midnight (crazy for this old man) and woke up at six to write. I hammered out a lot of stuff. The downside of writing grooves on longer content like that is it leaves me in a lurch for my daily blog post. The 1.5 articles…

Sphere of Influence and Sphere of Knowledge

Common wisdom is difficult wisdom. Focus your attention on the things within your sphere of control or influence. Some of the best and hardest advice to heed. An interesting partner to this wisdom is this: Have confidence in firsthand knowledge, and less with every degree of separation. Just as you…

All I've Got

Some days just getting out my daily blog post takes everything I've got. Some days the universe is screaming with every bit of energy it has that a blog post is not in the cards today. Those are the days when I hit publish and tell the universe who's boss.

Mass Manipulation Haiku

You're not controlled when You think something false, but when You think others do

Hype and Bullshit in Bitcoin

Another fun conversation with "The Four Numpties" about the world of Bitcoin.

Inner Game of Startups #36: Beware the Big-Ass Vision

The promise and pitfalls of mega-visions for an industry. Read it and all issues here. Subscribers only.

The Miracle of Placebo

The Placebo Effect is the most promising area of medicine and one of the most neglected. Placebos work consistently for some percentage of people, in every imaginable form of pretend therapy, pretend surgery, and pretend prescription. They are more reliably effective than most "real" treatments.…