I’m in love with Praxis. It’s what I do. It’s the incorporated version of my philosophy of education, career, entrepreneurship, and life.

They say every great company was created by someone trying to solve their own problem. Praxis is exactly that. It’s what I wish I had instead of wasting my time and money on the boring traditional education path. It’s the bridge between a schooled kid to a thriving, creative, productive adult.

But it’s not for everyone. It’s hard. It’s for those who know they’re worth more than a mere degree. It’s for those with insatiable curiosity, work ethic, and the courage to create their own path. It’s for the future entrepreneurs, innovators, and builders.

It’s not obedience training or hoop jumping. It’s not about seeking external approval. It’s about learning to take the reins of your own life, create your own goals, be accountable to your own desires, and live life fully alive.

So what does the program look like?

What is Praxis

Praxis is a one year startup apprenticeship program where you learn by doing. We place you at an amazing company where you work alongside entrepreneurs while also completing our rigorous education experience which includes one-on-one coaching, self-guided projects, hard and soft skills training, and more.  Why wait and hope to find a job you like when you can create a career you love today?

After acceptance you complete a six-month bootcamp where you build a website and prepare for an entrepreneurial experience. After the bootcamp, the next six months combine a paid startup apprenticeship with intensive personal development and education. You’re doing meaningful work with fast-growing companies.

The Praxis Education Experience 

The Praxis education experience is built around outcomes, not just activities. Participants create tangible results through projects and tailored learning plans. The program delves into everything from digital skills and professional proficiencies to core concepts in philosophy, history, economics, technology, and business. While the business experience takes place onsite, the education component is done remotely through an online portal and interactive communication.

The participant is in control of this experience. With the assistance and coaching of Praxis advisors, participants create a professional development course to accelerate their growth. Between access to a world-class curriculum library, connections with entrepreneurs and intellectuals, and all the resources of the Praxis network, the education experience can’t be beat by sitting in a classroom.

The Praxis Business Experience

Upon acceptance into the program our placement specialists work with participants to find the best business partner match for their skills and interests. After the three-month bootcamp, participants live and work wherever their business partner is located during the next six months. They apprentice at $15/hour and learn from successful entrepreneurs what it is like to found and scale a business while building a professional portfolio of projects, connections, and practical skills. 98% of grads get hired out of the program, at an average salary of $50,000.

This is much more than an internship. Participants shadow the CEO or founder of their business partner throughout their placement and learn the day-to-day of a growing company. Participants add real value, take ownership over real projects, and experience their business partners as real team members. All the while, they work with Praxis staff by learning skills and developing projects to accelerate their professional growth.

The six-month partnership allows participants the opportunity to get into the trenches and see how their business partners truly work. Participants may focus on a specific area of the company or may work as generalists to contribute value where their skills are needed. Past participants have launched marketing projects, worked as executive apprentices, closed sales deals, and raised money with founders. Whatever the role, Praxis participants engage in a way that adds value for both them and their business partners.

Business partners are located all across the United States in most major cities. The Praxis Team is committed to partnering with the most interesting and innovative growing startups and small-to-medium businesses. This focus on innovative, growing businesses helps guarantee the best possible experience for participants looking for more than just following rules and hoping to get noticed.

Partnering businesses get valuable work from talented young people. Participants get a great job and valuable experience that classrooms simply cannot offer.

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