Ask Isaac: Religious Beliefs

After several listener questions about the what and why of my religious beliefs, I decide to answer.

I recorded this months ago, but never aired it. I don’t like to talk about my religious beliefs for two primary reasons:

1) They are ever evolving and I want the permission to freely change and not have people try to hold me to what I’ve thought in the past.

2) Every word on the topic is loaded and everyone has different meanings and feelings behind them. It’s really hard to convey anything concrete without being misunderstood. It’s tiring and too easy to offend or get people distracted by small details and lose the ability to talk about the stuff I’m more interested in.

But I decided to just get it out there, at least in a very general sense, since several listeners have now asked. This is not about what I think you should believe. It is only a description of my own take.

I’m sure there’s something for everyone to disagree with in this one!

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Ask Isaac: For-Profit vs. Nonprofit Enterprise

Albert Lu prompted me to try out a new feature for the podcast where I take questions from listeners and followers.  I’m testing out posting a short “Ask Isaac” episode every Friday in addition to the regular Monday episodes.  These are in the 10 minute range and may be a single question or quick hits on several.  I got some good questions to kick it off, and I thought it fitting to begin with a question posed by Albert himself:

For-profit or nonprofit enterprise…you’ve worked in both, what are the differences, which do you prefer, and why?

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