The Future of School & Entrepreneurship: Interview on Practice of the Practice with Joe Sanok

I had the distinct pleasure of joining my old friend Joe Sanok on his podcast Practice of the Practice to talk entrepreneurship, education, productivity, happiness, and much more.

Joe and I were in a band together in college (someday we’ll put the band back together, I swear) and we also started an international humanitarian project, among other hijinx.  We’ve barely kept in touch over the years but hit it off like old times.

Joe started a successful counseling practice and realized quickly how many counselors could benefit from learning business basics, hence PoP was born.  He’ll be coming on an episode of my podcast very soon to talk about growing his business and his business to help others grow business.  Until then, enjoy this conversation on PoP!

The future of school and entrepreneurship

Interview on the Free Cities Podcast

I popped in (virtually) to the Free Cities Podcast to talk Praxis and the ideas behind it.  FCP is all about decentralized alternatives to top-down command and control institutions.  Education is obviously full of standardized, cartelized, centralized institutions and part of our mission at Praxis is to break that down and bring the power back to the individual.