Quick Little Book Deal

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Christmas Changes Haiku

Christmas when little About plastic waterproof Now glass 80 proof

Book Recommendation Sunday

Today's might be my all time favorite book. Check it out.

Well, Crap

I logged in to WordPress this morning to compose my daily blog post, and it notified my that my theme (previously Blaskan) had an update available.  Accustomed to software updates that generally only make things better, I clicked "Update".  It replaced my theme with something awful, and completely…

When You Deliver Work Late, You Invite More Scrutiny

Here's another reason to get your work done fast (yep, even (especially!) deep, creative work):  you'll get less scrutiny and fewer requested edits. If you crank out a design, page, or product FAST - on or ahead of schedule - the momentum bleeds into the perception of the work by the recipient.…

Don't Make Me Sell Something You Can't

"Meet my friend/husband/sister/coworker.  Can you tell them about how awesome X is?" I get this from time to time.  I hate it. X can be unschooling, writing, economic freedom, cryptocurrency, podcasting, or any number of things. It's not that I don't like discussing stuff I'm interested in, it's…

Skin vs. Talk

I just saw a Tweet by someone divesting themselves of all their crypto holdings in a particular coin because they were tired of being accused of conflict of interest and wanted to prove their unbiased commitment to the project. This is a losing game. And backwards. If you run around appeasing every…

The Comparison Trap

I've been playing around posting to the platform Yours.org lately, and I noticed something funny. Actually, my colleague Derek Magill pointed it out, and the minute he said it, it rang true. Yours allows you to post content for 10 cents, and then people can pay you for the content, to comment, etc.…

Forget Your Category and Do Your Damn Job

Forget 'how to be a man'.  Forget 'how to be a freelancer'.  Forget how to be a good conservative, liberal, or libertarian.  Forget how to be a mentor or mentee.  Forget how to be a philanthropist, environmentalist, atheist, reactionary, revolutionary, artist, or entrepreneur. Forget any effort…

Book Recommendation Sunday

This week's rec is a timeless favorite - a classic that never gets old! Link here. Check it out, and create an account at Yours.org to see more and jump in to the emerging world of content powered by crypto!