Startup Questions

Beginning in February, I’ll be doing a four-part series on the podcast called, “A Beginner’s Guide to Startups.”  We’ll cover everything from ideas to business plans to bootstrapping to raising money to scaling and more.  We’ll talk with people from both the entrepreneur and investor sides of the table to discover keys for startup success, and who should and shouldn’t consider launching one.

To that end, now is a great time to submit questions you have about startups!  I’ll incorporate them into the series.  Just submit via the Ask Isaac form.  This is intended to be a clear cut, no b-school BS overview of the world of startups, so don’t feel embarrassed by any questions!

Interview on the Free Cities Podcast

I popped in (virtually) to the Free Cities Podcast to talk Praxis and the ideas behind it.  FCP is all about decentralized alternatives to top-down command and control institutions.  Education is obviously full of standardized, cartelized, centralized institutions and part of our mission at Praxis is to break that down and bring the power back to the individual.

Episode 43: The Year in Review, with Heather Morehouse (My Wife!)

The first year of this podcast ends with a special guest, my wife Heather Morehouse. I had to cajole her a bit and also agree to sip drinks while we recorded to get her to do it.  We did a review of this year, what were the most important milestones and we also talked a bit about how we got where we are today and what’s ahead for us, including our six-week stay in Ecuador.

This episode includes also some refreshments, Heather and I introduce FEE and Praxis as podcast sponsors, and new music by Tim LeVan Miller.

Many thanks to all 32 guests which appeared on 43 episodes this year, along with 19 special episodes that were aired.

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Episode 42: What’s Wrong With Star Wars? Chris Nelson Tells All

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away Chris Nelson was enjoying the Star Wars expanded universe.  Then the evil Darth Mickey destroyed it all.

I couldn’t be more excited about the new J.J. Abrams led Star Wars movie.  Chris has a different take.  He joins me on this episode to explain the wide world of Star Wars beyond the movies, why Disney is ditching it, and what he thinks they’re missing.  I learned a lot about the franchise and even (gulp) curbed my distaste for the prequels a tad.  No small task.

This episode is sponsored by the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE).  FEE is the best place to learn the core ideas of economics and freedom.  If you’re in HS or college, you need to carve out three days for one of their amazing summer seminars.  Apply here and let them know you heard about it from the podcast.

*Bonus: I discovered something fun when Googling the famous opening phrase.  Google “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away” and see what you get…

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Episode 38: Alex Tabarrok Says Let’s Get Rid Of Borders

What’s the best way to help the desperately poor gain access to a higher standard of living?  Let them leave poor countries and go to those with more opportunity.

Alex Tabarrok advocates getting rid of immigration restrictions. In this episode we tackle some of the most common objections to #openborders that concern economic, institutional, cultural, and security issues.

Alex is a professor at the George Mason University and co-author of the Marginal Revolution blog.

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Special Episode: Words with TK Coleman

One of my favorite things to do is ask TK Coleman to give me his definition of a word, or some way in which the word is meaningful to him.  I’ve done this on the blog in the past, and decided to try it out as a game on the podcast.

I threw words at TK and he riffed on them and it evolved into some interesting conversations.  Here are the words we covered:


If you liked this episode, submit some words of your own and we’ll bring TK on and do it again.  Submit via the Ask Isaac form along with any other questions you have for me or topics you’d love to see covered on the podcast.

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Teaser: Why Haven’t You Read This Book?

Support the KickStarter campaign and help bring this book to life – and claim a copy!

I’m thrilled about a new book I am editing called, “Why Haven’t You Read This Book?”

It’s about flipping the burden of proof to open up a world of possibilities. It’s about asking ‘Why not?’, instead of, ‘Why?’

This episode includes a bit about the book and teasers from 5 of the 11 authors about the content of their chapter.

Episode 37: Isaac Guest Hosts – Jeffrey Tucker on Technology, the Police State and Criminal Law

I jumped in for a fellow podcaster and had a conversation with Jeffrey Tucker for Albert Lu’s podcast “The Economy”.

Jeffrey and I tackle some interesting questions from Jeff’s own experience with the police and criminal law, how it surpasses the divide of left and right politics and why it’s a key human rights issue.

Hear my previous interviews with Jeff on the IM podcast and follow him on and

Find Albert’s other episodes at

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Ask Isaac: Marginal Utility for Beginners

In this episode I answer a very simple but incredibly important question from listener Steve Thomas:

  • Please explain the theory of marginal utility and give a few practical examples.

Through riddles and illustrations I try to make the ideas of value subjectivity and marginal utility easy to understand and recognize in everyday life.

Got a question? Ask here.

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Episode 36: Albert Lu on Recycling, Homeschooling, Wal-Mart, and Whole Foods

My good friend Albert Lu, host of “The Economy” podcast guest hosts this episode for me and does a bang-up job!

Albert was the person who got me into podcasting, so he’s the Obi Wan to my Anakin…or something. Enjoy, and check out his work at

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Special Podcast Episode: What Is Praxis All About?

This is a special episode about Praxis, an amazing one-year experience for entrepreneurial young people who want to take control of their life, education, and career.

Praxis grads and participants talk about what made them choose the program and what the experience is like.

Check out to learn more and apply.
Check out for a free e-book.

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Episode 35: Tom W. Bell on Competing Legal Systems and Charter Cities

Legal scholar, charter cities expert, surfer, writer, father. Meet Tom W. Bell.

Tom joins me to talk about polycentric law and the variety of legal and social institutions present everywhere around us. We also discuss what makes charter cities succeed or fail and how online citizenship could change our perspective on states and nations.

Find out more about him at his website:

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Episode 33: When To Not Read A Book and Why Curiosity Is Like The Blob, with TK Coleman

TK Coleman comes back to talk about one of his greatest passions – books.  How do you find a good read?  How can you can give yourself over to curiosity and follow your intellectual desires?

I try hard to insult and goad him into admitting he wastes too much time on weird books with no payoff, and he remains composed and artfully defends time spent on books…and makes me look like a big jerk by not engaging my insults.

Check out TK’s blog on readings and ideas he explores at

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Ask Isaac: Religious Beliefs

After several listener questions about the what and why of my religious beliefs, I decide to answer.

I recorded this months ago, but never aired it. I don’t like to talk about my religious beliefs for two primary reasons:

1) They are ever evolving and I want the permission to freely change and not have people try to hold me to what I’ve thought in the past.

2) Every word on the topic is loaded and everyone has different meanings and feelings behind them. It’s really hard to convey anything concrete without being misunderstood. It’s tiring and too easy to offend or get people distracted by small details and lose the ability to talk about the stuff I’m more interested in.

But I decided to just get it out there, at least in a very general sense, since several listeners have now asked. This is not about what I think you should believe. It is only a description of my own take.

I’m sure there’s something for everyone to disagree with in this one!

Ask you own question via the website.  This and all episodes are available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher.